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Program Information

UNC-Pembroke's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will prepare you for a wide variety of careers in retailing, manufacturing, health care, state and federal government, banking, the hospitality industry, and university and college administration. In the online program, you may concentrate in finance, preparing you for careers such as financial manager, financial analyst, and personal financial advisor. All of the courses in your major are available online but you may be required to come to campus for courses outside your major, or find transferable courses at another accredited university.

The courses in the online program are the same courses offered in the on-campus program and have been designed by the regular faculty. Course delivery is asynchronous and enhanced by various interactive Internet-based learning applications. Regular UNC-Pembroke faculty members teach your online courses, with some adjunct faculty approved by the School of Business.



Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Finance Track

  • Freshman Seminar - 1 semester hour
  • General Education, including: MAT 1070 and 2150 or 2210, ECN 2020, 2030 - 44 semester hours
  • BSBA Common Body of Knowledge: DSC 2090, BLAW 2150; ACC 2270, 2280; DSC 3130, 3140; MGT 3030, 3060; MKT 3120, FIN 3100; ECN 3010 or ECN/FIN 3040; ITM 3010; MGT 4410, 4660; and ONE of the following six courses: BLAW 3160, ECN 2410, ECN 4400, FIN 4210, MGT 3150, or MKT 3130* - 45 semester hours
  • Finance Track**   (12 hours): FIN 3040***, 4100, 4180, and one additional 3000- or 4000-level finance course (FIN or FINS) - 12 semester hours
  • Business Electives (3000 or 4000 level) - 6 semester hours
  • General Electives - 12 semester hours

 Total: 120 semester hours

*A study-abroad program approved by the department chair and the dean/assistant dean may replace this requirement. 

**In addition to the University graduation requirements, all B.S. in Business Administration–Finance Track majors must attain an overall 2.00 QPA in the 12 semester hours listed above to fulfill the finance track.

***ECN 3040/FIN 3040 cannot be taken as part of the BSBA Common Body of Knowledge



Before you enroll in this online degree completion program, you must complete UNC Pembroke's required 44-credit university college core curriculum (including 2 hours of physical education) either on campus or through transfer of credit from another accredited institution. Acceptance of transfer credit to fulfill program or elective requirements will be made on the basis of the university policies described in the university catalog. For a full list of the program's admission requirements, go to the program Web site.

UNC Pembroke's application form is available here.

Tuition and Fees


Distance Education

Regular Term 2013-2014

Rates are per credit hour (including fees of $9.36 for undergraduate and $13.58 for graduate)

 • In-state undergraduate: $119.36

 • In-state graduate: $178.05

 • Out-of-state undergraduate: $430.41

 • Out-of-state graduate: $635.25


** Plus Flat $25 Distance Education Instructional Support Fee for students exclusively online or at remote sites**