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The mission of the Master of Science in Information Technology (IT) graduate program is to provide advanced skills for technology professionals in both the public and private sectors including business, industry, government, and education. Information Technology program in its broadest sense encompasses all aspects of computing technology. IT, as an academic discipline, focuses on meeting the needs of users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. Information Technology is an academic discipline distinct from computer engineering, information science, computer science and management information systems. IT encompasses computer networking and communications, Web technologies, computer security, database management, and digital media technologies.

The program is housed in the NCA&T School of Technology's Department of Electroics, Computer, and Information Technology. The courses in the online Master of Science in Information Technology program are the same courses offered by the on-campus program, but you take your courses entirely online. You will stay in contact with your instructors, participate in a variety of learning activities, and complete all the same work as students studying on campus, as required and on time, but you will do it from your computer at home.

Course delivery is both asynchronous and synchronous, depending upon the requirements of the professor teaching each course. Some interactions may take place using webcams to enhance communication.


The requirements of the program ensure a high-quality education while also being competitive in the market. The degree program is offered as an on-campus and on-line program. The Master of Science in Information Technology offers three options: the thesis option, the project option, and the coursework option. The thesis option requires a minimum of 30 semester hours. The project option requires a minimum of 33 semester hours. The coursework option requires a minimum of 36 semester hours. All options require students to pass written comprehensive examinations. For current degree requirements, go to the program Web site.


To be admitted to the program, you must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution, preferably in a technical field. The curriculum of the Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to serve the needs of two primary target audiences:

(1) Students with a BS degree seeking to further their education in information technology

(2) Information Technology professionals and researchers who wish to advance in their careers.

For a complete list of admission requirements, go to the program Web site. The application form and information on admission procedures are available here.

Tuition and Fees

A listing of current tuition and fees is available here.