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The Doctor of Public Health program with a concentration in health leadership prepares mid-career professionals for senior-level positions in organizations working to improve the public's health. The three-year, cohort-based program is designed for emerging leaders or individuals taking substantial leadership responsibilities in communities, organizations and institutions, including health directors, mid-career managers in government agencies, leaders within nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, program officers and mid-level or senior managers working for foundations, and others working within the health field, including entrepreneurs and individuals working in nontraditional settings.

You and your cohort will proceed together through the three-year program. You will take required coursework for the first two years. At the beginning of the third year you will take your comprehensive examination and present your dissertation topic. You will complete your dissertation during the third year.

With the exception of three short visits to Chapel Hill in each of years one and two, you will complete your coursework entirely online, away from the UNC campus. Course delivery is enhanced by various interactive Internet-based learning applications including live video, audio, and data sharing.

The School of Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill is accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health.


The program requires 45-51 semester credit hours of study, and includes a comprehensive examination and a dissertation. You must begin the program with your cohort at the beginning of a fall semester.

Most of your work will be online, but you are required to pay three short visits to Chapel Hill in each of years one and two. The program requires DSL or cable connection to the Internet. For a full list of program requirements, go to the program Web site.


To be considered for admission to this highly competitive program you must have a master's degree or a doctoral degree (not necessarily in public health), and several years of significant post-graduate experience in the health field. For a full list of admissions criteria, go to the program Web site.

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Tuition and Fees

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